Order Cancellation

Order Cancellation How can I cancel an order?

You’ll have the option of cancel your order right by contacting your confirmation email within one hour. Look down for the “Changed Your mind?” section. If it’s been longer than 60 minutes, email help@bagbea.com and we’ll help find an alternative solution.

I’ve accidentally cancelled my order How can I get it back?

If you’ve cancelled your purchase on the site and would like to be notified of your order at the end of the day, the most efficient method to do this is to make a fresh order during checkout. Email help@bagbea.com if you have any questions — we’re here to help.

 I canceled my order, but I’m not sure it went through. Can you confirm it has been canceled?

If you’ve cancelled your purchase by clicking the link included in your confirmation mail, you’ll get an email after your order is successfully cancelled. If you haven’t received a cancellation confirmation email, let us know at help@bagbea.com (and include your original #GLO order number) and we’ll take a look!

 I don’t see the option to self-cancel! How can I cancel my order?

If you’ve placed an order containing a gift card, please email help@bagbea.com as soon as possible (including your # order number and cancel/change request) and we can help.